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Annual Inspections

Regular, periodic inspection, and testing are the best defense against system failure so that you may continue to operate your business securely and efficiently. IFAS keeps track of your inspection due dates and notifies you when it is time for your system to be serviced so you don’t have to. Our well-trained staff will keep your property code compliant and operational at all times.

Our certified technicians will test devices, batteries, pull stations, smoke/heat/duct detectors, horns/strobes, flow switches and tampers at your required annual inspection. Testing & inspection of Life safety systems by a BASA/FASA certified technician. Following each scheduled inspection or test, a technician will provide a detailed report to identify potential opportunities for improving system performance and assisting in code compliance.

Inspecting, testing and maintaining fire alarm and detection systems is essential for ensuring the systems’ operational readiness. These activities are necessary to maintain system integrity and ensure the system operates as designed and installed. Regular inspections can identify missing, damaged or obstructed devices, incorrect or damaged wiring, system additions or modifications and trouble conditions that may exist at the fire alarm control panel. These deficiencies must be resolved for the system to adequately protect facilities, assets and occupants, while maintaining code compliance per NFPA 72.

Some of the key elements of a comprehensive inspection program for fire alarm and detection systems include visual inspections and system testing. Following the thorough inspection, we provide a detailed, bound inspection report identifying any deficiencies, while also recommending any corrective measures with an estimated cost.

Visual inspections ensure no changes to the system or related equipment affect system performance. Our inspectors visually inspect and test:

  • Fire alarm control panels and their components
  • Remote annunciator panels
  • Initiating devices, including smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire alarm pull stations, fire detectors, water flow and tamper switches
  • Alarm notification appliances including strobes, horn/strobes and speaker strobes
  • That system installation meets applicable codes
  • Electronically Documented Inspections


Imperial Fire Alarm & Security, Inc offers the top brands in the industry that include Kantech, Ves, Honeywell, and many more.

we do provide emergency service 24/7